We process cashins (winnings) every Monday for the previous week (Monday to Sunday) by first converting them back into ECash through Sun CyberCash Inc. (1-888-349-7752), our ECash provider.
Cashins up to the equivalent amount of any previous purchases are credited back to the credit card or cards you originally used to make the purchase/s. This is normally done within 24 hours but not guaranteed before the following Monday. Your credits may take between 3 and 5 days to appear on your statement depending on your credit card bank’s policies. Surplus winnings are processed for payment every Monday. Please choose which method suits you best from the options shown below.
However, to protect your security we require some form of name and address verification to process surplus winnings. This may be faxed to: 1-868-624-1156 or scanned and emailed to We will accept any of the following documents to verify your name and address: Copy of credit card statement (please block middle 8 digits of your card number when scanning and emailing); or Any Utility Bill; or Copy of passport with front and back of driver’s license; Signed letter together with front and back of driver’s license for signature match. Please lighten and enlarge as much as possible before faxing. You only need to fax this once from your current address.
We do not need or wish to encroach on your privacy.
Please feel free to block your personal and private transaction information when sending your credit card statement. We will notify you by email when you have surplus winnings on hold pending name and address verification. We will add any surplus winnings to your casino balance 3 days after we have notified you if we do not have your name and address verification on file.
Please note: We do not require name and address verification to credit winnings back to your credit card through our Ecash provider.
You may choose from the options below which method you prefer and notify our cashier at: Please provide your User account ID number on your email for easy identification and fast response.